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  Suzie celebrated her 12 years career on December 7, 2013. Indeed Zuzana Scepková aka Suzie Carina started with Pierre Woodman during a casting made Prague on December 7, 2001. She had just turned 18 on 28 November.
  Suffice to say that the future of Suzie was all mapped out, it will be in the X or nothing. Indeed this girl is a sacred chick, beautiful and without taboo. Her performances in porn, in addition to her beauty and jovial character, were for many the source of her fame.
  Besides having posed in many boutique magazines or journals X (as Hot Video), Suzie has starred in numerous erotic videos and above porn videos that are found in most pornographic oriented sites. Suzie is, as I have already noted, a girl without any taboo. It could be discovered both in scenes lesbians to two or three, solo with dildos (dildos), with several male partners where she gets all her holes.
  Suzie is a porn actress became unavoidable. She loves sex and ass. Moreover she was the right school with Pierre Woodman.
  Thus, by her mischievous side, her jovial character and curiosity, Suzie has become insatiable and remains a must!

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Video 1: Suzie Naughty Girl

  This video was filmed in the same conditions with Monika in Naughty Monika (see video 9 "Video Monika I"). The decor is indeed the same.
  I wanted to point out this fact for you to make a comparison between demonstrations of Suzie and Monika who are the same age.
  Suzie is hard sex, truth and without artifice. Monika is softness, sensuality and sublimated beauty. It's not the same thing, but I like both. Moreover, they are both sacred naughty with a preference for my tender Monika. She is unique my beautiful muse! You guessed it of course...!
  To summarize, Suzie rhymes with Sex and Energy, Monika rhymes with Sex and Magic...
  Note indeed how Suzie spirited jerks burying two fingers in her pussy to pleasure seeking. This girl is a sacred slut and enjoy the view is a real pleasure because her whole body vibrates with pleasure betraying a powerful orgasm. A closer with demonstrations of Ariel and Eufrat, you can enjoy the videos that I offer.
  In any case, Suzie subjugates me with this very hot scene by giving me a taste of her porn services I will offer you soon, I promise.
  Everything about this girl is made for sex and pleasure.
  I fell for her small breasts, her magnificent ass, her asshole ideal for sodomy addicts (I'm not especially!) and her big pussy flushed with excitement and pleasure where you can see all the intimate details; her wet vulva, urinary meatus swollen with the release of the urethra, the relief of the entrance to her vagina and especially her big prominent clitoris. These are not simulated her moans that allow me to enjoy at the same time. A TREAT!!
  Suzie is beautiful and perfect body illuminates the erotic atmosphere of each of her scenes! This is a feature home!
  "Kisses my goddess! You are filled with happiness you're so pretty!!

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Vidéo 2 : Suzie On The Sofa

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